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XBody EMS – FAQs

Everything you want to know about XBody EMS training and technology

Does the XBody training hurt?

The XBody training is completely painless, it causes similar muscle contraction like a dumb-bell training, however, fatigue-fever can also occur. Thanks to the new generation EMS technology, unpleasant or pinching feeling cannot be experienced at all. The perfectly developed electrodes are conducting electricity smoothly, so there are no such points on the body, which can get higher load and produce a pinching feeling like it happens with simpler electrical muscle stimulators. The special suit is comfortable and perfectly fit on the body, so it can’t be a problem during the training.

Can I suffer an electric shock during the training?

The chance of an electric shock is absolutely zero. Our machines use the most up-to-date scientific results in the background. These methods are also used in medical applications; the electrical muscle stimulators play an important role in the area of rehabilitation. Our machines are safer and more advanced than some hospital devices.

Will I become wet during the training?

Yes. In order to transmit the electrical impulses by the electrodes moisture is needed, so the surface under the special vest must be sprinkled with water before usage.

Do I have to move and carry out a dynamic training in the vest?

Yes. The training is much more efficient if you carry out dynamic exercises to move your body instead of being static positions.

Can I eat just before the training?

No. During the movements and the intensive muscle work the body is not able to properly digest. If we are training with loaded stomach we can easily faint and the training also loses some efficiency. By the way training it is not so good to be hungry during the training, because you won’t have the proper energy level.

What should I bring with me to the training and what should I wear?

It is recommended to wear thin, cotton trousers and T-shirt that do not inhibit doing exercises. Furthermore, some water should be available to make up for fluid loss and a towel can come in handy too, because the exercises are pretty sweaty.

Is the twenty-minute-long training enough two times a week?

Yes. This amount is enough to develop spectacular results in a short time.

Is it recommended to do an XBody training every day?

No. For the most effective results of your work the muscles should rest for a while if you are doing such an intensive strength training. For the regeneration of the muscles 48-72 hours should pass between two consecutive trainings

What is the difference between XBody and other muscle stimulator systems?

XBody is the most modern electrical muscle stimulator. Its electrodes are conducting electricity on their whole surface instead of other stimulation devices, thus the impulses can trigger quite intensive muscle work. The suit of the system is perfectly smooth on the body surface instead of other products’ accessories, so the electrodes are contact with the body with their total surface in a stable manner, without moving away during the training. XBody is superior with its user interface and options (like personalised training programs) to other less advanced electrical muscle stimulator devices.

Can I modify the frequency and the strength of the impulses during the training?

Yes. It is very important feature of XBody that everyone can set the appropriate levels during the training considering their own abilities and actual physical states. If an exercise is not exhausting enough then you can strengthen the impulses; and on the other hand, if a task is too hard then the power levels can be lowered on machine any time.

Is there a weight-loss program in the XBody system?

Yes. XBody gives a tremendous help in any kind of slimming diet. The electrical muscle stimulator is not just transform and tightens the body, but also threat cellulite effectively during the massage of the tissues.

Is XBody able to do massage?

Yes. XBody offers a massage program that can pleasantly relax the tired body parts after training. This program helps to eliminate muscle cramps and also contributes in the fight against cellulite.

Can I use XBody during pregnancy?

No. XBody training for pregnant women is forbidden. On the other hand, XBody can be an ideal partner for rehabilitation and reforming of the body after child-birth.

How long does it take to see the results of the trainings?

The results are impressive after ten trainings with proper regularity and nutrition. For the most efficient results it is necessary to consume appropriate nutrients and it is really important to construct our diet with the right rates of fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

Can XBody be applied for rehabilitation?

Yes. The XBody system is an ideal partner during rehabilitation, because the electrical impulses are absolutely not giving extra load on the joints, so this training can be also applied in the case of some injuries. In medical application the electrical muscle stimulator devices are being used for a while, but the Hungarian healthcare does not use machines like the ones of our machines. XBody based rehabilitation helps to a lot of professional sportsmen like Anita Görbitz, who experienced the positive effects of electrical impulses after a serious knee surgery.

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